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These are just a few of the accolades inspired by Tré Williams’ debut drink recipe book and travelogue/adventure story. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A MIXOLOGIST to Party and Have a Good Time is an inspired and fun-filled book that’s on a mission to show you how to celebrate the ultimate joys and pleasures of life by creating your own naughty and exotic cocktail recipes. To this end, Tré has shaken, stirred, and blended his savant knowledge as a gifted mixologist and world traveler to create fifteen of the most “kick-azz” and delicious cocktails in the known world. When it comes to pure cocktail magic, nobody can “bring it” quite like Tré, so he’s not shy about introducing readers to his risqué private stock of “off-the-chain” party drink recipes with alluring names like “Angelic Lust,” “A Sensual Heart’s Wet Dream,” and “Tré’s Magical Love Potion for Closet Freaks.”

And since nobody likes to party with friends more than Tré, he generously invites his readers along for an epic, high-octane party and rollercoaster style adventure that blasts off in the gorgeous Dominican Republic and surges to its finale on the sun-kissed beaches of Brazil. Along the way, Tré never disappoints as he shares his zany, fun-loving romps with readers to unveil an enchanting Caribbean paradise of world class fashion and cuisine, of stunningly beautiful and “caliente-hot” ladies, a string of hard-driving Merengue parties, and luxurious hotels and beach resorts. As a bonus, he treats his guests to a peep-show of exciting personal mini-dramas chock full with heart-throbbing romance, sweet-bitter betrayals, and forever friendships. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A MIXOLOGIST is a non-stop, pulsating Latin groove where the exotic drinks fizz and bubble right up to its heart-stopping climax on the picturesque beaches of Ilha Grande, Brazil’s hidden Crown Jewel.

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