Hello everyone! My name is Elson Clinton Williams III, but my friends and family all call me Tré. For five years, I had the wonderful blessing of working with one of the biggest and best liquor distributors in the U.S.A.  This special company gave me the opportunity to create and execute fresh, “out of the box” High-Themed Special Events for top tier liquor suppliers based here in the United States and around the globe. It was during this period in my career that I discovered a special gift for designing illusionary worlds of fantasy and making them come alive for my clients, professional sales personnel, and fans in the liquor industry.
Probably the next most important thing I should tell you about myself is that I am a Mixologist, one who specializes in creating unique drink concoctions. This is how it happened. Whenever I executed one of my High-Themed Special Events, just for fun I would always push the limits with regard to creating my own drink recipes. These exotic cocktails proved to be a big hit and always succeeded in creating a strong buzz among frequent partygoers who always came out to my events. The buzz was real, a fact that quickly got the attention of many large liquor suppliers. These companies frequently bestowed enthusiastic praise as well as requested that my unique drink recipes be sent to their national headquarters for review by upper management.  
Growing up in the liquor industry, I somehow always had my finger on the pulse of the drinking public in terms what people were craving to experience in a cocktail. So I listened attentively to what my clientele was thinking out loud. By diligently following where their “pulse” led me, I began experimenting with and creating my own fun and interactive cocktail recipes. Over the years I have engaged in constant experimentations, using the hottest and most exciting new brands of liquor on the market. My objective was always the same: to create exciting drinks that were universal in that they possessed a titillating taste that everyone could enjoy. After years of hard work, during which I managed to make a name for myself, people would often ask for my advice because they wanted me to help them to turn up the energy at their own personal events. My way of going about this was to introduce their guests to some of my crazy “off the chain” interactive drink recipes. The results were like magic in enhancing their parties and celebrations.
A few years ago my family and friends began insisting that I needed to write a drink recipe book in order to share my knowledge with others. In this regard, my two favorite cousins from Detroit—Tammy and Fred—have always been the most vocal and eager in urging me to actually take on the project.  For too long I ignored their requests until four years ago when I heard the message loud and clear while I was walking the beaches of Copacabana, Ipanema, and Leblon in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil during the 2014 World Cup Finals. I was having a horrible day. I was feeling mentally toxic and needed to defuse by talking to God so I could vent my agitated emotions. As I was walking along these beautiful and tranquil beaches, venting and talking to God, I was told to write a drink recipe book. I was also instructed to add a short story to accompany these recipes. During our conversation, God explained to me very vividly that my drink recipe book needed to be uplifting, that it should make people smile or even laugh out loud while taking them on an unforgettable journey. In short, it is my desire that this book will inspire hope and provide some mental relief to millions of people by making them forget about their current problems for a brief time.
It has been four years since my fateful conversation with God, and I have since put together fifteen mind-blowing drink recipes accompanied by an epic adventure in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic to share with my readers!
Ironically, when I returned home to the States after World Cup Brazil, I immediately discovered that my mother had been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness that was going to require all of her physical, mental, and spiritual strength to overcome. During this time my  mother’s full recovery became the main concern of our family and close friends. So I decided to use my book manuscript as a kind of balm to help her with the healing process. I became ferociously inspired and motivated to make my mother smile or laugh everyday along with the millions of readers around the world that I imagined would one day read and be affected by the positive and hopeful message of my book.
I decided to call my drink recipe book, You Don’t Have to be a Mixologist to Party and Have a Good Time because it is my Intention to make it “pressure free” when it comes to creating “kick azz kool drinks” for the people you love. My mantra is, “Have fun and don’t worry about making mistakes!” The more you practice, the better you will become!
Perfected over the past five years, my creative drink concoctions are awesome tasting, easy to make, and are ideal for adult outings, high-energy parties, after work social engagements, business functions, special events, as gifts of affection, and as the ultimate elixir for naughty minds!
My hope is that, with my recipe book in hand, you will get together with a group of fantastic people who all just want to party and have a good time!